Message from the WCO Asia/Pacific Vice-Chair

Fiji DG Foreword

Dear WCO Asia/Pacific Region Members,

Greetings and a very warm welcome to the World Customs Organization Asia/Pacific Region website!  It is indeed an honor to welcome you from our new office now having its location at Fiji Revenue & Customs Service, Suva, Fiji.

I am privileged to be the Vice-Chair for Asia/Pacific Region from 2016–2018 and sincerely acknowledge the leadership and valuable contributions of my predecessor, Dato’ Sri Khazali bin Haji Ahmad and the Royal Malaysian Customs Department Vice-Chair Team, for their leadership role as Vice-Chair for the period 2014-2016.

I sincerely thank the initiators of our WCO Asia/Pacific website for creating a unique opportunity where ideas are nurtured and shared for members benefit. This specific mode of information sharing enhances collaboration and global engagements ensuring that Customs instruments are effectively implemented.

Also, I would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of our development partners namely the Regional Office for Capacity Building (ROCB), the Regional Intelligence Liaison Office (RILO), the Customs Cooperation Funds of China, Japan and Korea and also the Regional Training Centers (RTCs) for facilitating and providing development support to members in terms of capacity building, dealing with regional-specific issues in a more immediate and relevant way, and providing effective global information and intelligence exchange between all Customs Services. This support has created a platform for a powerful active Customs community where ideas shared instantaneously make changes for the benefit of our administration.

I invite you all to explore the website, and utilize the information for your respective Customs Administration needs. Suggestions and positive feedback are most welcome to further assist us improve the contents of the website for the benefit of all WCO members in the Asia/Pacific.



Fiji DG Sign

Visvanath Das

WCO Asia Pacific Vice-Chair

Chief Executive Officer

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