Message from the WCO Asia/Pacific Vice-Chair

DG Foreword

Dear colleagues,


As WCO Vice-Chair for the Asia/Pacific region, I welcome you to the WCO Asia/Pacific website.

Together with the WCO Asia/Pacific Vice-Chair Team, I am truly honoured to carry the flag of the WCO Asia/Pacific Vice-Chair for the next two years. We encourage greater participation of Asia/Pacific members in WCO activities, establish close cooperation with regional organizations working in the Customs field and promote cooperation between regional members.

I do believe that with the collective effort of the Regional Office for Capacity Building (ROCB), the Regional Training Centres (RTCs), the Regional Intelligence Liaison Office (RILO) and all members in the region, Asia/Pacific would realize her vision to be the World Best Regional Customs.

As the Vice-Chair for the Asia/Pacific region, we encourage and support active engagements and structured partnerships not only between Customs Administrations of WCO members but also with other International Organisations and Business Entities towards addressing challenges in ensuring that legitimate movement of goods are facilitated.

As part of our commitment as theWCO Asia/Pacific Vice-Chair, we have created a navigable website with additional features to facilitate better communication between members. This additional feature, the “Forum” is a medium to encourage the Asia/Pacific members to exchange views and ideas on topics of common interest.  I believe this website will assume an important source of information on WCO Asia/Pacific regional activities and serve as a main medium of communication between members to further enhance Customs cooperation in the region.

I invite you to explore this website and acquire whatever information you need. Suggestions and positive feedback are most welcomed to further assist us in improving the contents of the website for the benefits of all parties in Asia/Pacific.

Thank you.


Dato’ Sri Khazali bin Hj. Ahmad

WCO Asia/Pacific Region

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